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Blockades leave east Ukraine more isolated than ever

The Russian-backed “republic” where the 78-year-old lives is at war with Ukraine and is not marked on most world maps. She is travelling west into Ukraine proper to visit her sick husband, who no longer lives with her on the separatist side. She is proud, almost defiant, and will not accept our offer of a…


Why should the United States be interested in Ukraine?

There are reports that, at the G-7 foreign minsters’ meeting in Italy on April 11, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson startled his counterparts by asking: “Why should U.S. taxpayers be interested in Ukraine?” His spokesperson later dismissed the question as a “rhetorical device.” Rhetorical or not, it is a bit surprising that Secretary Tillerson would pose…


Russia’s war on George Soros goes global

In Russia there’s nothing new about accusing George Soros of trying to overthrow the government. But recently other authoritarian leaders around the world have also decided that the 86-year-old billionaire is the cause of all their troubles. Social media users have eagerly latched onto this claim, and it is spreading like wildfire. Against a background…


Ukraine’s passport website crashes after EU votes for visa-free travel

At a plenary sitting of the European Parliament in Strasbourg MEPs gave give their final approval to a visa waiver for people from Russia-bordering sovereign state. Passport holders from the country will now have up to three months visa-fee travel rights across European member states. The legislation was approved by 521 votes to 75 with…


Poroshenko signs law on ratification of free trade agreement with Canada

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has signed the law on ratification of the free trade agreement between Ukraine and Canada. According to the press service of the Ukrainian president, this agreement was signed during the visit to Ukraine of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on July 11, 2016. The agreement will enter into force on…



Russia’s hybrid war against Ukraine is now entering its fourth year, but there was a time when few expected it to last even four weeks. The virtually bloodless seizure of Crimea, which fell to Russian troops in early 2014 without a fight, led most observers to conclude that Ukraine was effectively defenseless and at Moscow’s…

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