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Fallon tells Trump: Freedom cannot be traded in Ukraine

Ben Farmer, defence correspondent 20 JANUARY 2017 • 12:01AM Britain will stand alongside Ukraine in its confrontation with Russia because freedom cannot be “traded”, the Defence Secretary has said, amid fears Donald Trump may scale back support to Kiev in a deal with Moscow. Sir Michael Fallon announced new British military training to Ukrainian forces battling Russian-backed…


Fake: Volyn And Vinnytsia Could Secede From Ukraine

Regional autonomy and local separatism are favorite topics of the Russian disinformation machine. The latest example of this theme is a story disseminated by Russian and pro-Russian Ukrainian media claiming that Volyn’, a northwestern Ukrainian region and Vinnytsia, President Poroshenko’s home town want to secede from Ukraine. The source for this fake story is a…


Strong Dollar Crushing Russia’s Gazprom

Just when you thought the oil markets couldn’t make Gazprom any worse, a disappointing third quarter earnings report on Friday is likely to pull the rug out further for Russia’s energy giant. Gazprom is due to release its third quarter results tomorrow, January 15. And they are expected to be weak thanks to the slide…


Ukraine, Latvia urge Trudeau government to press Trump on Russia

  OTTAWA—Two of Russia’s nervous neighbours are urging the Trudeau Liberals to use Canada’s close relationship with the U.S. to encourage the incoming Trump administration not to become too cosy with the Kremlin. The ambassadors of Ukraine and Latvia tell The Canadian Press that Canada’s historic friendship and alliance with the world’s only superpower puts…

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