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Countering Russian Build-up in Crimea, U.S. Helps Ukraine Rebuild Its Navy

Ukraine is refitting and expanding its naval fleet, including repairing its flagship, the frigate “Hetman Sahaydachnyy”, to counter a Russian military build-up in the annexed territory of Crimea, the commander of the Ukrainian navy says. The upgrade will be helped by $30 million worth of U.S. aid, part of a $500 million package from Washington…


Hackers Release More E-Mails They Say Tie Putin Aide To Ukraine Crisis

KYIV — Ukrainian hackers claim to have broken into a second e-mail account linked to Vladislav Surkov, a senior aide to Russian President Vladimir Putin, releasing documents they say add to mounting evidence of the Kremlin meddling in Kyiv’s affairs. The new e-mails were obtained by RFE/RL from the hackers in advance of their public…

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