“Russian men fight Ukrainian women and children, mutilate and kill them”

Ukraine’s envoy for humanitarian issues presents shocking statistics of Ukraine war at UN Security Council meeting

495 Ukrainian women and 68 children had been killed since Russia invaded eastern Ukraine, First Deputy Chairperson of Ukraine’s parliament and Ukrainian envoy for humanitarian issues at Minsk peace talks Iryna Gerashchenko announced at a UN Security Council meeting on October 25.

“Women and children are the most vulnerable groups in war. According to the latest data, there are 1,700 000 internally displaced persons in Ukraine of which approximately 900,000 are women and 236 000 are children,” Gerashchenko said in her emotional address.

“2130 military of the Armed Forces of Ukraine including two women have perished from the beginning of the conflict. They have defended their native land from the aggressor.

1937 children have become orphans because of the war. 1213 women have become widows and 1975 women have lost their sons. 142 women are still waiting their relatives to be released from the captivity in the separate areas of Donetsk and Luhansk regions,” she added.

Ukraine’s MP emphasized that the problem of women’s and children’s rights violation on the temporally occupied territories is especially complicated:

“Every fourth person who has been in captivity of the pro-Russian militants became a victim or a witness of gender-based violence. Human rights advocates underline that sexual violence is used as a part of tortures to spread panic and fear.”

According to the Security Service of Ukraine data 238 women have been taken in captivity in the separate areas of Donetsk and Luhansk regions for the last two years.

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By now 233 women have been found and released due to the efforts of the Ukrainian authorized agencies. 5 more women are still in captivity.

Gerashchenko once again appealed to the UN to include the issues of sexual violence in the eastern Ukraine’s conflict zone into the Organization’s mandate.

Source: http://uatoday.tv/society/russian-men-fight-against-ukrainian-women-and-children-kill-and-mutilate-them-take-them-captives-793539.html

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